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Edmonton Soccer Dome at the Edmonton Scottish Society Presented by Brookfield Residential


2023/2024 Season passes are $50.00 and are usable at Victoria and all ESA facilities.

ESA and Victoria season passes are usable at the Edmonton Soccer Dome.

In the store and admission pages we  offer single admission passes as well as season passes.

In the near future we will also be providing merchandise such as hats, scarfs, hoodies, t-shirts and more. In addition a very exciting addition of cups for use in the Dome Facility.

Currently liquids are not permitted in the Dome due to the potential of spillage on the surface. The Edmonton Scottish Society is reviewing sealed cups for use in the Dome which can be purchased and used on site. The cups will be reusable and can be brought back into the venue again and again.

Visit our Admissions and Store Pages

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