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Oct 15th Update on Dome Restrictions - Please Read Fully -

There seems to be confusion regarding the announcement made yesterday. Let us first start with the following statement. - The Edmonton Scottish Society and therefore the Edmonton Soccer Dome are a part of the Restrictions Exemption Program. You can educate yourself about the program on the Government of Alberta website. As such we are operating without restriction based on the guidelines outlined in the REP. - The Edmonton Soccer Dome is a venue/facility. Space is rented to customers, those customers are free to restrict their event to whatever extent they feel fits their need however those renting customers can not implement guidelines less than that which outlined in the REP.

- The Edmonton Soccer Dome policy regarding spectator limits is consistent with the policy of the Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities, ESAF. In an effort to provide a predictable soccer viewing experience in the city. These restrictions over and above the REP. In specific 1 spectator for 1 player or player family, will assist with efficient screening of those attending events. All facilities within ESAF providing league play and tournament play for teams, groups or clubs are to following these restrictions. - The Edmonton Soccer Dome follows the guidelines and restrictions put forth by our renters/customers.

If a renter/customer decided that for their event they only wish to follow the basics of the REP they are free to do that and the Edmonton Soccer Dome will have only those restrictions in place for their event.

IF you feel that the restrictions in place, put forth by our renter/customer, are to restrictive for you personally you are free to direct your concerns to the renter/customer who initiated the restriction.

The Edmonton Soccer Dome, as a rentable facility, will not contact the renter/customer on your behalf. We are not imposing restrictions over and above the REP, we are only enforcing the restrictions put in place by our renter/customer who is holding the event at our facility.

The Edmonton Soccer Dome is a private facility that hosts customers holding both private and publicly accessible events. The holder of the event at our facility is free to put forth guidelines on attendance. This right was provided before a pandemic interfered with our lives, it will continue during and it will be here after.

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