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Winter Will Come Again

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

With winter and snow only a few months away we wanted to remind visitors to the Edmonton Soccer Dome about parking away from the Dome building.

What can visitors do?

Visitors to the Edmonton Soccer Dome are asked NOT to park up against the building. The building is sloped on all sides and quick, heavy accumulations of snow can occur. This heavy snow has the potential to run off the building very rapidly. The falling snow has the potential to damage vehicles parked next to the Dome structure. Barricades are put in place when the winter season is approaching. Do not move barricades. The Edmonton Scottish Society / Edmonton Soccer Dome is not responsible for damages resulting from falling snow or circumventing the parking barricades put in place. A covered walk way exists for entrance to the Dome, do not attempt to walk along the edge of the Dome to access the entrance to the Dome itself.


You can keep yourself and your vehicle safe by parking away from the building and being aware of the potential build up of snow and ice on the surface of the Dome Structure.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look at the Dome when you enter to see if there is a build up of snow

  2. Follow the direction signs for vehicle traffic through the parking area

  3. Park away from the Dome

  4. Do NOT move parking barricades

  5. Walk a safe distance from the edges of the DOME

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