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Parking at the DOME

When a match is scheduled there is generally a great deal of traffic both entering the site and exiting the site from a previous match.

Look for traffic direction signs

There are traffic direction signs as you enter for 1 way traffic. You will enter from Ewing Trail and travel along the front of the Dome, past the air lock, picture here at the front center of the Dome. If you are just dropping off you will turn right towards the Pavillion to the drop off circle. Parking around this circle is for Parking Card Holders only. You will drop your passenger/s and then travel out of the drop off circle. When you leave the drop off circle heading back to the parking lot you will stay to the right. This is 1 way traffic to the parking area. If you are exiting the parking area after having dropped of passengers you will travel to the first left you can make and exit out of the parking lot.

Images of this process will be uploaded here in the future

Please be courteous:

  • Children are running from cars

  • Travel Slow at all times

  • Do Not park such that you obstruct the flow of traffic

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