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Covid Update Feb 9, 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


fter review of the changes by the GOA, the removal of the Restriction Exemption Program and consultation with renters of the facilities.

We felt it was prudent to explain the impact for you, our guests at the Edmonton Scottish Society. The Province has initiated a three step approach to remove all restrictions over a period of time; these are the changes during step one that are effective 12:01 AM February 9th:

  • We will no longer require the presentation of a vaccine passport, medical exemption letter or current negative test to gain access to our facilities

  • Masks will still be required to gain access to our facilities for all players, coaches and spectators - effective February 14, 2022, youth aged 12 and under will no longer require masks

  • All spectators will still be required to wear masks in our facilities

  • Spectators will once again be allowed to consume water in the dome, however, masks must be worn when not physically consuming your water

  • Capacity for our dome will remain limited to 500 people - it is important to talk with the coaches of your team to understand any spectator per player limits for upcoming tournaments

  • For our lounge, the restrictions of a maximum of 10 people per table remain in place along with the restriction of not interacting with patrons at other tables

  • We will continue to support any of the additional restrictions the soccer associations may activate for sanctioned play in leagues or tournaments and will communicate further as required

The health and safety of everyone who visits our facilities is paramount to us and we appreciate your assistance through these changing times.

Additional information from the Province of Alberta is available here COVID-19 public health actions |

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