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Clarity For Our Operations Under The REP Program

Allows in scope operators to be open without the restrictions in place from the current public health order in Alberta. The Restrictions Exemption Program provides a framework of minimum requirement to operate in the program. In scope operators are able to build on the minimum requirements. In respect to the Edmonton Soccer Dome several of our participating organizations have built upon those restrictions. As a result, based on communications with those partners and their guidelines, the Edmonton Soccer Dome has implemented a 1 spectator per player or player family policy. If there is more then 1 family member involved in a sport session then 1 family member may be a spectator.

The Edmonton Soccer Dome is a venue, as such we need to ensure that we are able to provide our facility to all groups. If some of those partners have implemented greater restrictions, which is their right, we want to ensure that those partners and organizations are able to continue to compete and continue their sport programs.

This policy applies to all activities in the Dome including match play, season play and tournaments.

More than one family member is permitted in our supporting structure, the Pavillion

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